Martina Nie Tita Poetry


I do not know


Accompany me

Judge me

Mean it

Advise me

Help me

Decide for me

Trust me

Demand me


Take care

Undo me

Look at me

Project me

Hug me

Suffocate me

Protect me

Lie for me


Get closer

Overwhelm me

Support me

Take me

Thank you!


all poems by Martina Nie Tita, except (cgb/wm) are co-written by Cristina Gómez Barrio and Wolfgang Mayer. Many of the poems found a life within the spaces that Discoteca Flaming Star created. DFS is a collaborative art group, within which CGB and WM have been the base since 1998. Makita was a Powerbook Death Metal band founded in 2011 in the ideological aftermath of 9/11 by Tom Früchtl, Wolfgang Mayer and Michael Schultze. Makita performed 7 times in 7 years. 1 time in Munich, 2 times in NYC and 4 times in Berlin. The Makita Poems were originally written to be sung, grunted and barked.

Photo: Michael Schultze